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How to Create and Design Your Own Camo Hats

Most people would agree that camo hats are indeed very stylish.  Camo hats can be a hunter’s best friends out in the wild outdoors or it can serve as a functional purpose for a person who spends most of the time outdoors.  A camo hat goes well with a camo suit, so if you plant o spend some time hunting or out there in the wilderness, you can bet that you would need this hat to make your outfit complete!   You can choose to buy a camo hat, make your own camo hat or customize a ready made camo hat, if you wish.

The Functions of Camo Hats

Camo hats are primarily used for two main purposes-for hunting and as fashion apparel.  Camo hunts are originally used during hunting excursions where the camouflaged gars provide protection from the surroundings such as prickly thorns or branches and the scorching sun but is also acts as a great camouflage to hide the presence of the hunter from being detected during the hunting activity. To be a successful hunter, you absolutely need to wear camo clothing and the camo hats to conceal your head so there is less chance of your presence stirring up unnecessary attention which would scare away your targets.

Let’s look at the logic behind the use of the camo hats and clothing during hunting trips.

Remember the stripes of the tiger? Why do you think nature has endowed such dazzling stripes for this animal and how well those stripes blend into the environment without making its presence visible?  The unattentive person may dismiss such occurrences as a mere coincidence but the analytical person would realize that those are meant as a natural camouflage foe the predator which would greatly help it during its hunting prowl.  Imagine if the tiger has brilliant red and purples with silvery lines!    If that is the case, then the tiger would not be known as the greatest predator on Earth right now. Perhaps it would even be extinct by now.  In the wilderness, only the strongest and fittest wins the battle for survival and a wild animal would need all of the advantages it can have when trying to survive the harsh and demands of the terrains of the jungles and plateaus.  ]

This is the concept behind the creation of the camo hats.  It attempts to mimic the natural camouflage ability of those would animals and work to make your presence less visible. Camo hats make perfect complement to camo clothing.

Fashion Sense

The other strong reason why some people go for camo hats is merely for fashion.  Some people find wearing camo hats to be extremely fashionable and express a vital part of the personality.  Youths and adults often strut around wearing these stripy hats even when they are not out there hunting in the wilderness.

A Personalized Touch

Those who belong to this group often love to personalize their camo hats so it fits into their character even more accurately. For this purpose, you would need to purchase a ready made camo hat and customize it yourself or create a new one from scratch.   If you plan to make on e yourself, which would usually result in more satisfaction on your part. You’ll need some basic drawing skills and get a piece of paper to start the adventure. Now practice drawing campo patterns on the paper.  Color it until you get a sense of the type of patterns you desire on the real hat.  Once you are ready, get a nice white or gray hat to work on.

Practice drawing the pattern with a pencil until you feel confident enough of your skills. The n start using a fabric marker and paint the areas according to the pattern and design you have chosen. You can even write some text, initials or name on the camo hats for an even more personalized touch


No matter what style of camo hats you choose to purchase, there are bound to be one that fits your style and preference.  Camo hats come in beanie styles, outback styles and a few other variations that add interest and drama to this ordinary hunting cap.  Today, the camo cap is regarded as an item of high fashion and is no longer constrained as a mere sporting and hunting gear.   It is available in different degrees of quality and durability.  You can opt for the high end pieces that can well cost over $100 or go for the more economical solution which may cost you less than $10 to purchase.